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Preguntas frecuentes

Is there an age limit for players?

The adventure is designed for people over 18. Players under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Does it require physical strength or agility?

It is a game that requires observation, teamwork, creativity, communication and resolution. These are the only requirements to participate.

How much does it cost?

The price is €50 per session, regardless of the number of players.

Can I cancel my booking?

If you cancel the booking the same day you have the session, no refund will be made.

If you cancel before the day of the session, you can choose other date to play.

We are more than 5 friends. Can we play?

The game is designed for a maximum of 5 players per session. If you are 6 players, you can book 2 consecutive sessions with 3 players for each sesssion. The first group will be able to watch the second group play.

Is it worth playing if we're just two players?

Of course. There are couples who work well together.

If I feel overwhelmed, can I leave the game?

Unquestionably. There is an opening bottom. It can be used at any time a participant whishes to leave the game.

The rest of the team can still continue playing.

What if I want to go to the toilet?

Don’t worry. There is a toilet inside the room.

What is the payment method?

PayPal and credit card.

If you book the session the same day you want to play, you can pay by cash.

I need an invoice

If you need an invoice, you must fill in some fields (business name, VAT number…) in the booking form, so we can issue the invoice.


If the group arrives 15 minutes after its booked session, we are very sorry but it will not be able to access the room and no refund will be made.

Room preparation takes a while and lack of punctuality may affect the rest of sessions.

I don't speak Spanish. Can I still play the game?

You don’t need to know any particular language to solve the mission. As for the rules and explanation of the game, don’t worry! We will understand each other.

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